About Us


Research has shown that South African – even those with a tertiary qualification – have little awareness that leading, world-class research is being conducted at the country’s higher education institutions. This perception does not only impact negatively on the reputation and positioning of research, learning and teaching in the country, but also has a negative impact on funding and collaboration. Much of these perceptions can be attributed to a lack of information, packaged in a way that allows easy understanding across disciplines, institutions and sectors.

There is a need to expose academic research in non-specialist language to share information of this research with other potential participants .This would allow a number of opportunities for higher education institutions such as greater participation and involvement from the local and international business community; academic support and collaboration, both locally and internationally; potential funding for individual researchers and institutions; as well as greater local and international relevance for South African research.

Our aim:

To further South African academic research locally and internationally.

Our Vision:

To be the publisher and consultancy of choice regarding issues related to research in South Africa.

Our mission:

  • To showcase and position South African research through the use and management of targeted media both locally and abroad;
  • To provide a platform for collaboration in the field of research to further research outputs in SA.
  • To provide consultancy services specializing in research support, communication and publicity.
  • To become the leading online news service for matters related to higher education and research in SA.
  • To provide a vehicle for higher education and research institutions to position research outcomes in the public domain.